FCA FLL Chassis and Attachments Clinic

2017-10-07 @ 9:00am - 12:00pm, Fellowship Christian Academy

This clinic is for coaches/mentors and up to TWO (2) team members. Venue Space Is Limited!
Cost:  Free, pre-registration required

On October 7th from 9:00am-12:00pm Fellowship Christian Academy (FCA) Robotics Club will be hosting a clinic an FLL chassis building and attachments clinic at FCA.  The clinic will start with an overview of the LEGO building pieces most commonly used for building FLL robots, and then present the design principles important to developing a good chassis and efficient Robot Game execution. The clinic will then demonstrate a wide variety of attachment types and mounting options.

This clinic is free of charge, but we ask that you pre-register for the event. so that we can communicate event details directly to you and have an estimate of attendance size.  Attendance is limited to coaches, mentors, and up to two team members.

For more information about the event, please contact Jay Jordan at info@fcarobotic.com

FTC Scrimmage / Workshop at Hedrick Middle School

2017-10-28 @ 8:00am - 5:00pm, Hedrick Middle School

Please register for this event:
    Volunteer training: (coming soon)

Hello FIRST Tech Challenge teams and North Texas volunteers!

FTC teams 11563 “Hedrick Garage” and 7172 “Technical Difficulties” are pleased to announce a robot workshop and scrimmage for Saturday, October 28, at Hedrick Middle School in Lewisville. The purpose of the workshop/scrimmage is to allow teams to share ideas and prepare for competitions.  We will also be using this event as an opportunity to train event volunteers and officials (referees, judges, scorekeepers, inspectors) for the upcoming season.

A tentative schedule is below:

10:00 Doors open, robot building, testing, and workshop
12:00 Lunch (teams may need to bring their own lunches)
1:00 Scrimmage matches (and more building)
4:00 Load-out

Even if you don’t have a working or complete robot, we encourage you to attend the event. There will be veteran team members and experts available to help you with your robot and share ideas and suggestions! And yes, we will have scrimmage matches so that people (teams, referees, officials) can become more familiar with the game dynamics, but our main focus for the day is having a fun day with robots and helping everyone get prepared for competitions.

The scrimmage is free of charge, but we ask that you pre-register for the event so we know how many to expect and can send further scrimmage details.  If you are bringing multiple teams, please register once for each team.  Please register if you are coming, even if you don’t have a robot or don’t intend to participate in scrimmage matches.

For more information, contact Patrick Michaud (pmichaud@pobox.com).  We hope to see you on Saturday!

FTC 11563 and FTC 7172

UTD Clinic – FTC using Git and GitHub for software management

2017-10-14 @ 1:00pm - 4:00pm, University of Texas at Dallas / SEEC

This event is intended for coaches/mentors and programming members of a FTC team.
Cost:  Free, but pre-registration is required:  https://goo.gl/forms/pUiz8rjWeOeFqmS23


UT-Dallas will be hosting a class on how teams can utilize the features of Git (or a Source Control Management system in general) while developing software for their robots. Github while providing a Git service also has a lot of project organization features such as “Wiki”, “Projects” and “Issues” that teams can use to organize and focus their work efforts.

The clinic will follow the agenda below:

  1. Git Basics
    The need for Source Control Management
    Basic Git vocabulary and most useful commands
  2. Github overview
    Git on Github
  3. Setup your team’s repository on Github
    Forking FTC repo as a basis
    Refreshing your repository with latest changes from FTC
    Administering team’s repository
  4. Setup Android Studio with Git
    Setup Android Studio Development Environment with Git repository.
    Android Studio and Git integration
  5. Practice using Git and Github in a classroom environment
    Committing changes to team’s repo
    Getting latest changes from the repo
    Merging code of multiple developers
    Reviewing revision history
  6. Advanced topics
    Code reviews with pull requests
    Git advanced branching strategies for teams with many programmers