UTD Clinic – FTC using Git and GitHub for software management

October 14 @ 1:00pm - 4:00pm, University of Texas at Dallas / SEEC

This event is intended for coaches/mentors and programming members of a FTC team.
Cost:  Free, but pre-registration is required:  https://goo.gl/forms/pUiz8rjWeOeFqmS23


UT-Dallas will be hosting a class on how teams can utilize the features of Git (or a Source Control Management system in general) while developing software for their robots. Github while providing a Git service also has a lot of project organization features such as “Wiki”, “Projects” and “Issues” that teams can use to organize and focus their work efforts.

The clinic will follow the agenda below:

  1. Git Basics
    The need for Source Control Management
    Basic Git vocabulary and most useful commands
  2. Github overview
    Git on Github
  3. Setup your team’s repository on Github
    Forking FTC repo as a basis
    Refreshing your repository with latest changes from FTC
    Administering team’s repository
  4. Setup Android Studio with Git
    Setup Android Studio Development Environment with Git repository.
    Android Studio and Git integration
  5. Practice using Git and Github in a classroom environment
    Committing changes to team’s repo
    Getting latest changes from the repo
    Merging code of multiple developers
    Reviewing revision history
  6. Advanced topics
    Code reviews with pull requests
    Git advanced branching strategies for teams with many programmers