FTC 2020-2021 Qualifying Tournaments Information

Qualifier Event Pre-registration and Registration

Pre-registration Round 1 for North Texas FTC Qualifying Tournaments is now open.

In pre-registration, teams fill out an online form to indicate their qualifier preferences for the upcoming season.  For the 2020-2021 season, Round 1 of the pre-registration form will enable teams to request spots at early-season qualifiers (Feb 20 through Mar 20), as well as let us know if they are seeking remote qualifiers or in-person qualifiers for the late season (Mar 20 through Apr 30).

There is no charge for pre-registration, and completing the form does not register a team for any events.  This simply establishes a team’s priority claim for available event spots.  Events will generally be assigned to teams based on when form responses are received and the availability of event spots.

Even though teams are not required to pay event registration fees to pre-register, teams must pay their $275 national registration fee with FIRST (via the firstinspires.org Dashboard) before they will be assigned an event.  (Teams that have received a Texas Workforce Commission grant from FIRST in Texas will be assumed to have paid their national fees, even if the funding hasn’t officially been sent yet.)

The national registration cost is separate from tournament entry fees.  For 2020-2021, remote qualifiers will be $100 per team and in-person qualifiers will be $175 per team.  

Early-season Qualifiers (Feb 20-Mar 20):  All early-season qualifiers will be remote events.  Our current schedule for early-season qualifiers

  • Feb 27 – UT-Dallas Qualifier REMOTE
  • Mar 6 – Aledo Qualifier REMOTE
  • Mar 13 – FLYSET Qualifier REMOTE (FULL)
  • Mar 20 – Hedrick Qualifier REMOTE (rescheduled from Feb 20)

The date given for each event is when judging will occur, events will then be played and submitted in the days that follow. 

To enroll in one of these qualifiers, complete the pre-registration form.  We expect that every team that wants an early season event will be able to have one; and we’ll allow teams to have more than one if there’s space available to do so.

Late-season Qualifiers (Mar 20-Apr 30): We are still finalizing our schedule of late-season qualifiers, in the hopes that we can find sufficient venues to hold some in-person events for teams that want an in-person experience.  We will announce the schedule for late-season qualifiers sometime in early February.

We expect to have 6-8 late-season qualifiers available, or enough to guarantee every team that wants a late-season qualifier a spot.  Some qualifiers will be in remote format, others will have in-person matches if public health guidelines allow it and we’re able to find venues to host such events.

Teams will be able to request spots at late-season qualifiers in Round 2 of preregistration, which will open sometime in February.  We will guarantee each team ONE late-season qualifier event; additional spots may become available via waitlists that will open in March.

As event assignments are made the team contacts will receive “reservation tickets” for their assigned events; the reservation tickets will contain instructions about completing registration and payment options for the events.  Unclaimed reservations will expire sometime prior to the event date and the spots released to other teams on waitlists or that request additional events.

For more information about qualifier registration, contact pmichaud@firstintexas.org.

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