2016-2017 League Play FAQ

Author: Patrick R. Michaud, pmichaud@pobox.com
Last updated: 2016.08.24

Overview of this document

This page attempts to document what is known (and not known) about League Play in the North Texas FTC Region for the 2016-2017 season.  This page is not an official document; the statements below are simply citations and analysis I’ve obtained from various sources.

The only official league play information we have as of 8/24 is an email sent by the regional organizers on August 22:

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 00:22:59 +0000
From: "Tiernan, Carter" <tiernan@uta.edu>
Subject: FIRST Tech Challenge in North Texas 2016-2017


Third, North Texas is going to play in leagues! All teams will be
assigned to a league. Coaches will form the league committee to arrange
three league meets and the league tournament for their league. 
More info will be coming about the league assignments. Most leagues
will be based on geographic convenience although some school districts
may have internal leagues. Registered teams should look for this info
after kickoff!

In addition, we have the 2016-2017 FTC League Meet Guide (LMG), available from http://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/ftc/volunteer-resources .

Patrick Michaud (Pm) is the primary maintainer for this page.  If you have further questions, suggestions, additions, corrections, or alterations for this page, please send them to pmichaud@pobox.com or post them to the NorthTexasFTC Google Group. (more…)

UTD Clinic – FLL Programming

October 15 @ 9:00am - 4:00pm, University of Texas at Dallas / SEEC

UT-Dallas will again be holding clinics on programming Mindstorms for FIRST LEGO League.   The clinics are offered all day, with beginning programming clinics from 9a-12p and intermediate programming clinics from 1p-4p.  We are also considering offering an “advanced programming” clinic in parallel with the beginning clinics — this is still being determined.

Beginning Programming topics (9a-12p)

  • Overview of EV3 Programming environment and programming basics
  • Motor block basics — moving forward and backward
  • Turning using a gyro sensor (EV3 robots only)
  • Using “port view” and “view mode” to see sensor values
  • Detecting lines, borders, and colors
  • Simple My Blocks (creating blocks for turning and missions)

Intermediate Programming topics (1p-4p)

  • Programming and robot game strategy
  • Loops and sensor blocks
  • Moving along a heading with gyros
  • Line following / edge following
  • Specifying distances in centimeters
  • Understanding navigation error

Advanced Programming topics (tentative morning)

  • Creating a master sequencer program

UTD Clinic – Chassis Building and Attachments

September 24 @ 9:00am - 12:00pm, University of Texas at Dallas / SEEC

On September 24 from 1p-4p the UT-Dallas Science and Engineering Education Center (UTD/SEEC) will be hosting a clinic on FLL chassis building and attachments.

The clinic will start with an overview of the LEGO building pieces most commonly used for building FLL robots, and then present the design principles important to developing a good chassis and efficient Robot Game execution. The clinic will then demonstrate a wide variety of attachment types and mounting options.