FTC 2019 Qualifying Tournaments Information

Note:  This information is for FIRST TECH Challenge (FTC) teams in North Texas.  FIRST LEGO League teams should get qualifier information from the Perot Museum FLL website .

Event waitlists are now open.

Event preregistration is now closed. Use the waitlist form to request an event.

2019-2020 Qualifying Tournaments

Qualifier Event Waitlist

If you would like to get additional events for your team, you can fill out the form at http://roboplex.org/ftc/waitlist to request to be added to waitlists for remaining events.

As the season progresses, we will periodically re-evaluate team cancellations, changes in registration status, and event capacities to see if additional competition spots are available for teams.  Any available competition spots will generally be given to teams according to the following priority:

  1. Teams without any events
  2. League teams wanting a “second chance” qualifier
  3. Teams having only one event
  4. Teams having two events
  5. All other teams

Within each priority group, any available spots will be allocated by lottery.

In general, teams getting an event invitation from the waitlist will need to either accept the invitation quickly (usually within a 2-3 days) or we will pass the invitation on to the next team.  We will make our best effort to notify teams as soon as possible that an event spot has opened up, but sometimes spots open up at the “last minute” and so you may receive an invitation to an event on short notice.  If you get a event invitation from the waitlist and end up declining it, your team will still be considered for available spots at other events.

Qualifier Event Pre-registration and Registration

Pre-registration for North Texas FTC Qualifying Tournaments is now closed. 

Through pre-registration, teams will be able to fill out an online form to indicate their preferences for qualifier events in the season.  Completing the form does not register a team for any events, it simply establishes a team’s priority claim for available event slots.  No payment for event fees is needed for pre-registration, and events will be generally assigned to teams based on the order of form responses and availability of preferred event slots.

Even though teams are not required to pay event registration fees to pre-register, teams must pay their $275 national registration fee with FIRST (via the firstinspires.org Dashboard) before they will be assigned an event.  The national registration cost is separate from tournament entry fees; for 2019-2020 we expect qualifier tournament fees to again be $175 per team per event. (Teams that have received a Texas Workforce Commission grant from FIRST in Texas will be assumed to have paid their national fees, even if the funding hasn’t officially been sent yet.)

January Qualifiers:  In order to provide all teams with an opportunity to compete in a January event, pre-registration will give each team a reservation for ONE qualifier taking place after January 1st based on their preferences.  In December we will then open up waitlists and registrations for any events with unclaimed registration spots.

November/December Qualifiers:  Teams that wish to compete at a November or December event can also use the pre-registration form to indicate their preferences.  Teams have the option to choose a second Nov/Dec event instead of a January one, although we cannot guarantee that multiple early-season slots will be available.

As event assignments are made the team contacts will receive “reservation tickets” for their assigned events; the reservation tickets will contain instructions about completing registration and payment options for the events.  Unclaimed reservations will expire a few weeks prior to the event date and the spots released to other teams on waitlists or that request additional events.

Teams intending to compete in a league (El Dorado or La Joya) should contact the League Coordinator for registration details, or email Patrick Michaud at patrick.michaud@utdallas.edu.

For more information about qualifier registration, contact patrick.michaud@utdallas.edu .

FTC Qualifier at TCC Trinity River Campus

2020-01-04, Trinity River Campus – TCC

This is a North Texas FTC Qualifying Tournament scheduled for the Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus in Fort Worth, Texas.

To volunteer at this event, see the FTC volunteer page.

Teams can (pre)register or waitlist for this event at http://roboplex.org/ftc/registration .

Event results via the Orange Alliance (available after event completes)

Registered Teams

(17 teams as of 2020-01-03)
8291 Bulldog Robotics, Trimble Tech, Fort Worth
8406 Filthy Horde, Hughes Springs High School, Hughes Springs
8565* Technicbots, FLYSET.org, Plano
10437 The Rusty Nuts, Hughes Springs High School, Hughes Springs
10945 Toaster Squad, Benbrook Middle-High School, Benbrook
11563 Hedrick Garage, reserve, Flower Mound
11676 Lexan Pixies, Hughes Springs HIgh School, Hughes Springs
14415 Ball Lightning, Ferris High School, Ferris
14459 Automatic Anacondas, reserve, Fort Worth
14962 Robo-Sapiens, Hughes Springs High School, Hughes Springs
16405 Federal Bot Institute, Renner MS PISD, Plano
16802 Holliday Eagles, Holliday High School, Holliday
17294 Over Dr!ve Robotics, Independence High School, Frisco
17323 The Techno Tigers, Robo Campus, Plano
17505 I.M. Terrell Academy JV, I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA, Fort Worth
17510 I.M. Terrell Academy Varsity, I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM and VPA, Fort Worth

* already advanced to the North Texas Regional Championship
** already advanced to the wildcard qualifier

FTC Scrimmage / Workshop at Hedrick Middle School

2019-10-26 @ 10:00am - 4:00pm, Hedrick Middle School

Register for this event at https://forms.gle/A8MJg6ReRSXzP676A   (the event is currently full, email patrick.michaud@utdallas.edu for more information)

Hello FIRST Tech Challenge teams and North Texas volunteers!

FTC teams 11563 “Hedrick Garage” and 7172 “Technical Difficulties” are pleased to announce a robot workshop and scrimmage for Saturday, October 26, at Hedrick Middle School in Lewisville. The purpose of the workshop/scrimmage is to allow teams to share ideas and prepare for competitions.  We will also be using this event as an opportunity to train event volunteers and officials (referees, judges, scorekeepers, inspectors) for the upcoming season.

A tentative schedule is below:

10:00 Doors open, robot building, testing, and workshop
12:00 Lunch (teams may need to bring their own lunches)
1:00 Scrimmage matches (and more building)
4:00 Load-out

Even if you don’t have a working or complete robot, we encourage you to attend the event. There will be veteran team members and experts available to help you with your robot and share ideas and suggestions! And yes, we will have scrimmage matches so that people (teams, referees, officials) can become more familiar with the game dynamics, but our main focus for the day is having a fun day with robots and helping everyone get prepared for competitions.

The scrimmage is free of charge, but teams must pre-register for the event so we know how many to expect and can send further scrimmage details.  If you are bringing multiple teams, please register once for each team.  Please register if you are coming, even if you don’t have a robot or don’t intend to participate in scrimmage matches.

For more information, contact Patrick Michaud (pmichaud@pobox.com).  We hope to see you on October 26!

FTC 11563 and FTC 7172