New sensors from Modern Robotics

In the past week Modern Robotics has announced two new sensors to its lineup, a color sensor and an integrating gyro.

The color sensor claims to support a passive mode, which allows it to detect color from an external light source (such as the LEDs of the Res-Q game beacons).  It also supports an active mode, where the sensor has its own light emitter to detect the color of a reflected target (similar to how the LEGO Mindstorms and HiTechnic color sensors work).  The color sensor is available now, but as of Sep 21, 2015 the FTC Robot Controller App doesn’t have libraries to support the sensor.


The gyro sensor is a 3-axis gyro that does onboard integration of the z-axis, thus it can be used to calculate heading with greater accuracy than if the calculation is performed on an Android or PC host.  The gyro is slated to be available for sale by mid October 2015.


UTD Coaches Clinic — Chassis Building and Attachments

2015-10-10 @ 1:00pm - 4:00pm, University of Texas at Dallas / SEEC

Slides from clinic

On October 10 from 1p-4p the UT-Dallas Science and Engineering Education Center (UTD/SEEC) will be hosting a clinic on FLL chassis building and attachments. Map and parking details are given below.

Seating for this event is very limited, so we’re restricting attendance to a maximum of three persons per team (coaches and/or team members). If you can get by with just one or two attendees, that will help leave space for other teams to attend. Latecomers to the event may have difficulty getting a seat.

The clinic will start with an overview of the LEGO building pieces most commonly used for building FLL robots, and then present the design principles important to developing a good chassis and efficient Robot Game execution. The clinic will then demonstrate a wide variety of attachment types and mounting options.

utd-parking-seec-1The clinic will be held in the SEEC laboratory, room FN 2.302 in the Founders North building on the UTD campus (see map). Attendees may park in any GREEN space on campus; we recommend parking in Lot H or Parking Structure 3 (PS3). The only handicap accessible path to Founders North is along Drive E and Drive D.

Lot H: The easiest access to Lot H is via Waterview Pkwy on the west side of campus, then turn east onto Drive L. Once parked in Lot H, follow the sidewalk just north of the Arts and Humanities building, cross Rutford Ave, and continue past the SLC building until you reach the wooden ramp leading to Founders North.

PS3: We recommend taking Synergy Park Blvd on the north side of campus, then turn south onto Rutford Ave and east onto Loop Rd to enter PS3. After parking in PS3, follow the sidewalks south to Drive D and the Founders North building north entrance.

For further information regarding this clinic, contact Patrick Michaud at .

FIRST LEGO League Resources

Key documents from FIRST LEGO League

The FIRST LEGO League site has many useful documents, but when getting started it’s hard to know which ones are the most important or relevant. Here is our curated list of helpful resources:

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Contact information

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